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Tax planning is an essential part of every owner's and company's finances. We will tailor a management plan that suits your needs.

Is it allowed for owners and companies to plan their taxing? Tax planning is a legal, methodical process that accomplishes significant tax benefits and decreases the chance of surprising tax consequences.

Company tax

  • Planning company taxation and final financial statement
  • Planning distribution of dividends and other fund distribution
  • Maximizing deductible expenses
  • Ensuring deductibility of losses
  • Matters of international taxing
  • Documenting and determining transfer pricing
  • Responding to clarification requests
  • Correction demands and other tax appeals

Personal taxation

  • Personal tax planning for the entrepreneur and their family entity
  • Defining wages, dividends and other income
  • Planning inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Responding to clarification requests and tax proposals
  • Private tax returns for individuals
  • Correction demands and other tax appeals

Company arrangements

  • Planning the whole and different alternatives
  • Planning options for handing over the company from a generation to another
  • Planning the ownership of key personnel
  • Planning business acquisitions
  • Determining company value
  • Planning financial arrangements
  • Creating documents
  • Monitoring execution

Value added taxation

  • Planning value added taxation
  • Evaluating taxable and tax-free activity
  • Defining the scope of taxable activity (for example, non-profit corporations)
  • International VAT matters
  • Responding to clarification requests
  • Tax appeals

Corporate law

  • Forming and planning a company
  • Changing the company form
  • Planning and executing shareholder contracts
  • Company arrangements (dividing, merger, transfer of assets, deconstruction)
  • Creating documents
  • Responding to clarification requests
  • Training and communication
  • Planning, executing and monitoring training
  • Creating internal guidelines and reports
  • Development planning and evaluating of employee skills

Key personnel

Risto Walden
CEO, Senior Tax Advisor
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Teemu Liljemark
Senior Accountant and Tax Advisor
+358 40 014 2367

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